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Introducing Phil: Our Newest Addition to the Badminton Place Family!

Hailing from Northern Ireland but with roots spread across the diverse landscapes of Africa, Phil brings a wealth of life experiences to his role as our Customer Relations Manager. From Togo to Kenya, his journey has been shaped by a deep-seated passion for care, instilled in him by his father’s work with humanitarian and environmental organisations.

Raised under the wing of a mother who had a flair for crafting tailored safari camp experiences, Phil learned the value of setting high standards early on.

Reflecting on his personal journey, Phil shares, “Having walked the path of dementia with my own loved ones, I understand the significance of every precious moment. Here at Badminton Place, I’m committed to enhancing those moments for every family we serve.”

Let’s extend a warm, heartfelt welcome to Phil as he embarks on this new chapter with us at Badminton Place!