Luxury Dementia Care in Bromsgrove

At Burcot Grange, we take pride in offering exceptional luxury dementia care in Bromsgrove. We understand that memory loss can present unique challenges, but we firmly believe that individuals with dementia can continue to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest standard of care, ensuring that our residents receive the support they need to thrive. 

Our Care Homes
burcot grange luxury care home

Enjoy luxury care homes located in Bromsgrove

One of our primary focuses is creating an environment that promotes well-being and comfort. We have carefully designed calm and interactive areas of activity, specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals with dementia. These areas provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere, fostering relaxation and reducing anxiety. Our residents can engage in a range of stimulating activities that encourage cognitive function, promote social interaction, and enhance their overall quality of life. 

Our team consists of compassionate and highly trained professionals who specialise in dementia care. They possess the expertise and understanding to address the unique challenges associated with memory loss. We provide personalised care plans that are tailored to each individual’s specific needs and preferences. Our staff members are always on hand, ready to offer assistance, support, and companionship to our residents, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times. 

burcot grange luxury care home
burcot grange luxury care home

In addition to our expert care, we strive to create a luxurious and comfortable environment for our residents. Our facilities are designed with meticulous attention to detail, combining elegance with functionality. From tastefully decorated living spaces to well-appointed private rooms, we ensure that our residents have a warm and inviting place to call home.  

We also prioritise nutrition and healthy living, recognising the importance of a balanced diet in maintaining optimal well-being. Our culinary team prepares delicious and nutritious meals, taking into consideration any dietary requirements or preferences. We encourage our residents to dine together in a communal setting, fostering a sense of community and social engagement. 

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Burcot Grange & Lodge

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxurious care at our extraordinary, cutting-edge care home nestled in Bromsgrove. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled care services that exceed all imaginable expectations.

Services in Burcot Grange & Lodge

Situated in Bromsgrove, Burcott Grange & Lodge is dedicated to delivering personalized care services tailored to the needs of individuals. Their comprehensive range of services includes residential care, dementia care, and respite care. Through their residential care program, individuals can maintain their independence while receiving the necessary support whenever required. This approach fosters a supportive community that eliminates feelings of isolation and promotes a sense of belonging. Burcott Grange & Lodge prioritizes the well-being of those with dementia by offering dedicated spaces and caregivers who focus on nurturing their psychological and physical health, as well as encouraging engagement with their environment. Furthermore, they provide respite care for short-term stays or post-surgical support, ensuring that non-residents receive the same exceptional care and warm welcome as permanent residents.

Amenities in Burcot Grange & Lodge

Situated in Bromsgrove, Burcott Grange & Lodge specialises in offering personalised care services that cater to various needs, including residential, dementia, and respite care. Their residential care approach allows individuals to uphold their independence while receiving the necessary support when required, fostering a nurturing community that eradicates any feelings of seclusion. Burcott Grange and Lodge places a strong emphasis on the well-being of individuals with dementia, providing dedicated spaces and caregivers who promote their mental and physical health and facilitate engagement with their surroundings. Moreover, they provide respite care for short-term stays or post-surgical assistance, ensuring that non-residents receive the same exceptional care and warm reception as permanent residents. Other amenities at the facility include the Fireside Lounge, Hair Salon & Nail Bar, Alfresco Dining area, and a Fine Dining Room.

Providing the best luxury care

The benefits of moving to a Berkley Care Home

Access to 24/7 care

Our dementia homes offer round-the-clock care, ensuring that our residents have access to assistance whenever they need it, day or night. You can rest assured knowing that our dedicated teams are always available, providing a safe and secure environment for your loved ones.

Stimulating activities

We understand the importance of keeping our residents mentally stimulated, which is why our experienced events managers take the time to curate a wide range of activities that cater to everyone's interests.

Premium facilities

Our premium facilities are designed to enhance the living experience of our residents. From a luxurious salon where they can enjoy pampering treatments to a cosy cinema room where they can relax and watch movies, our onsite amenities provide opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

No more chores

Bid farewell to the tiresome chores of lugging heavy laundry baskets or scrubbing dirty dishes. Instead, recline in utmost comfort, relax, and relish the delightful pleasure of savouring freshly cooked meals, while we take care of all your household tasks and responsibilities.

Our Care Home Services in Bromsgrove

At Burcott Grange & Lodge, a part of Berkley Care Group situated in Bromsgrove, we are dedicated to providing an array of exceptional care homes throughout the United Kingdom, including our Bromsgrove location. We recognise that choosing a care home can be a difficult decision, often accompanied by societal opinions. Nevertheless, at Berkley, we are committed to redefining the notion of care homes by offering more than just lavish accommodations. We aim to present a lifestyle choice that surpasses expectations.

Stories from the people living, working and visiting us


"I just knew when I came, that it was the right place for me..."


"I was in the hairdressing salon, then it was art class, then I was playing tennis"


The carers are lovely and so caring. The residents look so happy every week that I come to visit. The rooms are always lovely and clean and always do different activities each week. The management is always so friendly, and you always feel so welcome.


"I want to give them all a cuddle (carers), I notice how much care they take"

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