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Dementia, an umbrella term for a range of cognitive impairments, manifests uniquely in each individual, making it a complex and multifaceted condition. At our homes, we understand the significance of recognising this diversity and do not approach dementia as a one-size-fits-all condition. Instead, our dedicated staff members undergo specialised training to comprehend and cater to the unique requirements of each person living with dementia.

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Enjoy luxury care at a Berkley Care home

At our homes, we firmly believe in fostering an environment that promotes dignity, respect, and understanding for each resident.

Our approach to dementia care is person-centred, ensuring that we see beyond the diagnosis and recognise the individual’s identity and life history. By acknowledging their life experiences, preferences, and interests, we can build meaningful connections and provide personalised care that improves their overall well-being. Our trained staff actively engage with residents to learn about their personal stories, hobbies, and achievements, which not only enriches the care we provide but also helps in forming genuine bonds with the residents.

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Luxury Dementia Care with The Berkley Care Group

Engagement in meaningful activities is an integral part of our care approach. We offer a wide range of activities tailored to the interests and abilities of each resident, encouraging social interaction, creativity, and physical activity. From art therapy and music sessions to gentle exercises and gardening, these activities not only improve cognitive function but also enhance emotional well-being.

Moreover, our home is designed to create a safe and stimulating environment for individuals with dementia. We carefully consider the layout, décor, and ambience of the living spaces, keeping in mind the sensory needs of our residents. We prioritise natural lighting, calming colours, and familiar objects to create a soothing atmosphere that promotes cognitive function and reduces anxiety.

Providing dedicated dementia care

The benefits of moving to a Berkley Care Home

Access to 24/7 care

Reassurance that our team are available to help you or your loved one when needed is one of the most valuable factors for moving into care.

Stimulating activities

Rediscover old pastimes and create new ones with our dedicated events managers, whose mission is to keep residents active and mentally stimulated.

Premium facilities

Make the most of our onsite facilities, whether it’s a pamper in the salon, or relaxing in front of a movie in the cinema room.

No more chores

Residents no longer worry about carrying a heavy laundry basket or washing dishes. Simply sit-back and enjoy freshly prepared meals whilst we cover the full house-keeping service.

Our Luxury Care Home Locations

Berkley Care Group have a number of dementia care homes spread all over the United Kingdom. Making the decision to move into care isn’t always easy, not to mention the stigma that comes with it. At Berkley, we’re more than just a dementia care home, we’re a lifestyle choice.

Stories from the people living, working and visiting us


"I just knew when I came, that it was the right place for me..."


"I was in the hairdressing salon, then it was art class, then I was playing tennis"


The carers are lovely and so caring. The residents look so happy every week that I come to visit. The rooms are always lovely and clean and always do different activities each week. The management is always so friendly, and you always feel so welcome.


"I want to give them all a cuddle (carers), I notice how much care they take"

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