Luxury Dementia Care in Middlesex

Experience the epitome of luxury dementia care in Middlesex at Ryefield Court. Our all-inclusive package ensures that you and your loved ones can truly relax, knowing that every aspect of your stay is taken care of. From the moment you wake up to your personal care needs, we’ve got you covered.

Our Care Homes
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Enjoy luxury care homes located in Middlesex

At Ryefield Court, we believe in not just providing care but also in ensuring the happiness and fulfilment of each resident. Our exceptional facilities are designed to enhance their quality of life and create memorable experiences.

Our dedicated staff are skilled at understanding and meeting the unique needs of every individual. We recognise that everyone is different, and we take the time to build personal connections with each resident. By getting to know them on a deeper level, we can tailor our care to provide the best possible experience during their stay.

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Caring for individuals living with dementia is a specialisation at Ryefield Court. Our experienced team of carers is trained to support and assist with the day-to-day challenges faced by those living with dementia. We have created calm and interactive areas specifically designed to stimulate and offer comfort in everyday tasks, promoting a sense of familiarity and well-being.

Choose Ryefield Court for luxury dementia care in Middlesex and give your loved ones the highest level of care, support, and comfort they deserve.

Ryefield Avenue, Uxbridge, UB10 9DE, United Kingdom

Ryefield Court

Experience the epitome of luxury care in Middlesex, at our luxurious and glorious care home, Ryefield Court. We take pride in providing unrivalled care facilities that surpass all expectations.

Services in Middlesex

Our care home provides a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of our residents. With our residential care option, individuals can enjoy a comfortable and familiar living environment while receiving the assistance they require from our dedicated team. We specialise in caring for those with dementia, offering tailored support and interactive spaces that promote stimulation and comfort. Additionally, our respite and daycare services provide a flexible solution for short-term stays or participation in social events. At Ryefield Court, we prioritise creating a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that all individuals feel valued and supported by our compassionate staff.

Amenities in Middlesex

Experience an unparalleled level of sophistication at our Care Home’s Fine Dining Room. Whether you’re commemorating a special occasion or simply craving a sumptuous Sunday roast with your loved ones, our refined dining experience offers the perfect opportunity to host your own elegant gathering. When the weather is glorious, indulge in outdoor dining and entertainment, taking advantage of our sun terrace on the first floor to bask in even the slightest ray of sunshine. For a more casual affair, our Bar Bistro awaits, serving delectable snacks and refreshing cocktails to be enjoyed with friends. Treat yourself to a revitalising pampering session at The Lily Room Spa, where our skilled professionals provide massages, manicures, and stylish haircuts to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And for the ultimate in cinematic enjoyment, our in-house cinema lets you kick back and enjoy your favourite films or sporting events while relishing a bowl of popcorn. Embrace the charm and care of our care home, where every aspect of your experience is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Providing the best luxury care

The benefits of moving to a Berkley Care Home

Access to 24/7 care

At our distinguished care home in Middlesex, we recognise the significance of providing unwavering support to you or your cherished family member. We deeply appreciate the essential role this plays in facilitating a seamless transition into our exceptional care services.

Stimulating activities

Experience the joy of rediscovering beloved hobbies and cultivating new interests in the warm embrace of our dedicated team of event coordinators. Our caring experts are devoted to ensuring the ongoing engagement of our residents.

Premium facilities

Experience the exceptional amenities of our prestigious care home in Middlesex and enjoy a truly luxurious and nurturing atmosphere. Delight in our exquisite salon, where our skilled and compassionate team is dedicated to fulfilling your every desire with utmost care and attention.

No more chores

Experience a new level of convenience at our care home, where we take care of all the tedious chores that burden your day. Wave goodbye to the tiring duty of lugging heavy laundry baskets or tirelessly scrubbing dirty dishes.

Our Care Home Services in Middlesex

We are dedicated to providing exceptional care homes throughout the United Kingdom, including Middlesex. We recognise that choosing a care home can be a difficult decision, as it often comes with societal pressures. However, at Berkley, we aim to redefine the very essence of care homes. Our goal is to offer more than just beautiful accommodations; we provide a lifestyle choice that surpasses all expectations.

Stories from the people living, working and visiting us


"I just knew when I came, that it was the right place for me..."


"I was in the hairdressing salon, then it was art class, then I was playing tennis"


The carers are lovely and so caring. The residents look so happy every week that I come to visit. The rooms are always lovely and clean and always do different activities each week. The management is always so friendly, and you always feel so welcome.


"I want to give them all a cuddle (carers), I notice how much care they take"

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