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All-inclusive care

Jubilee House will provide a five-star experience to all our residents. From engaging and stimulating events and activities to first-class 24/7 health care – all part of our residents’ weekly fees.

  • Celebrations

    Cakes, drinks, balloons – you name it – if you can think of it, we will try and make it happen. Badminton Place is a celebration of all our residents; lives and we’re behind you all the way.

  • Inspired, fun day-trips

    Local landmarks, the pub, places of worship or maybe a zoo? Variety is the spice of life and it’s embodied by our creative and energetic events and activities team.

  • On-site cinema

    Relax, recline and reach for the popcorn. The state-of-the art cinema is really something special. The same quality as you would find at your local flicks, but cosier and with someone on hand to bring you a drink!

  • Events calendar

    Our dedicated events team has a daily and a weekly events and activities schedule bursting with variety, choice and fun, so there really is never a dull moment at Badminton Place. A mixture of fun and physical activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • En-suite bedroom

    Beautifully decorated by our dedicated creative team, with bedroom furniture, a Smart TV and dedicated phone line, you’ll be at home right away and only ever a call away from family and friends.

  • Dining - restaurant style

    The dining experience at Badminton Place is already second-to-none, but for that extra special day, we encourage all of our residents and their families to indulge in our fine-dining experience.

  • On-site Bar Bistro

    The Leamington Spa Bar Bistro, with its creative, sumptuous menu, superior drinks menu and very own cocktail mixologist, everything’s covered – from your favourite tipple to something a bit out of the ordinary!

  • Pampering experiences in the home

    Enjoying luxury ‘every-day’ is an indulgence our residents have earned. From the salon to the high-tech gym and the range of treatments in our spa – there’s enough happening to keep even the most inquisitive people busy every day.

  • Full laundry service, on-site

    As you’d expect in your own home – the laundry is taken care of without fuss, delivered fresh and fragrant back to your room as and when you want it.

  • Daily newspapers

    Moving to Jubilee House is no reason not to keep abreast of the goings-on in the wider world. From the Mail to the Guardian – just let us know what you’d like.

  • Daily housekeeping

    Clean and tidy is the way we like it – as we would in our home. You can always be assured we will keep your environment exactly as you would expect it to be in your own home.

  • Internet access

    Stay connected to family and friends with our in-house internet connection. Support for modern technology is always on hand, so you can get connected to those you care about most.

  • 24 Hour Care

    Our team of carers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for nursing, residential and dementia care.

  • On-site healthcare professionals

    There will always be a Registered Nurse on-site on our nursing floor, coupled with a professional and highly trained care team.

  • Physiotherapist

    Mobility and independence are key priorities at Jubilee House, with our on-site Physio team, residents can stay active, keeping body and mind tip top.

  • Chiropody visits

    Our close-knit team of wider health professionals work with us to ensure that your needs are tended to with the utmost care and compassion, wherever and whenever you need it.

  • GP Practice

    A local GP visits the home frequently to discuss health with our residents. If our residents prefer their own doctor, travel is arranged in our chauffeur-driven car.

    Activities & Hobbies

    We make sure that there’s always plenty to do for our residents. By encouraging everyone to get involved with a wide range of hobbies and activities, our residents come together and form lasting bonds. They also feel a sense of accomplishment as they master new skills, or revisit old ones.

    Arts & Crafts

    We are consistently amazed by the skills that our residents develop or rekindle in our homes and we encourage them to continue existing hobbies, to develop existing skills and try new activities.

    Fun & Games

    Board games are popular no matter what age you are – whether it’s Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders or Trivial Pursuit – at Berkley Care we love an evening of competition during games nights!

    Outdoor Activities

    We are very proud of our outdoor spaces in the Berkley Group. We enjoy competitions to design ‘bee homes’ as well as encouraging residents to notice nature through our wildlife photography competitions.

    Fresh, delicious food and drink

    We all know the importance of a diet that meets all of our nutritional needs, but we also know that taste matters too. We’re proud of the high standard of food and drink that our residents are able to enjoy in our homes. We cater for all dietary needs and ensure that our meals are not only healthy, but they taste amazing too.

    With three freshly prepared meals every day, our residents choose whether to eat in the dining room, in their own rooms, or even in the garden. As well as three nutritional and tasty meals, residents have plenty of opportunities to enjoy scrumptious snacks throughout the day.

    On-site healthcare at Jubilee House

    At Jubilee House, the health and well-being of our residents will be our top priority.
    With a team of expert carers on hand 24/7, our residents will receive the bespoke
    care they need.

    Registered Nurse

    By having Registered Nurses as part of our team, we’re equipped to look after residents who have higher care needs. Our nurses will always be on hand to speak with family members too.


    Keeping mobile leads to a higher quality of life and this is something that we focus on at Berkley Care. Our weekly fitness and dexterity classes are a great way of achieving this. There is also the chance to discuss specific physio needs with our Clinical Team.


    We combine the fantastic care that we offer in-house, with some outside assistance too. This means that we have regular visits from GPs, physiotherapists, chiropodists, opticians, and dentists. This allows us to truly cater for all of our residents’ care needs.

    Staying active

    We all know that being active is great for our physical health. There is also plenty of evidence to show that it has benefits for mental well-being too. Alongside this, there is even research that shows that by keeping fitness levels up, the elderly are less likely to suffer from falls and to develop dementia.

    That’s why we encourage all of our residents to get active with our regular exercise classes. We can even offer private classes for those who would prefer this.

    Our Reviews

    Reviews are a key measure of our service quality. They offer us invaluable insight into what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. They enable us to understand your experience better and tailor our services to meet your needs more effectively. If you have a few moments, please take a moment to share your positive experiences; your feedback fuels our growth and commitment to delivering the best service possible.

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