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Embarking on a career journey with Berkley Care Group, Jordan Bowyer’s story, as unveiled in this Q&A, starts from her beginnings as a weekend receptionist at Shinfield View Care Home, evolving into roles that demanded steep learning curves. In sharing her key milestones, Jordan highlights how Berkley Care’s emphasis on values and internal promotions played a pivotal role in shaping her growth. Join us as we navigate through Jordan’s career, unveiling the organization’s commitment to fostering success.


Can you share your journey of progression within Berkley Care, highlighting key milestones and experiences that have contributed to your professional growth?

My career with Berkley began as a weekend receptionist at Shinfield View, a role I embraced when my oldest son was just a year old. Working weekends was a practical choice, as it was the only time I had childcare available. During this period, I took on additional tasks beyond my job description, such as managing invoices and sorting out TV licenses, demonstrating my willingness to learn and contribute more.

An opportunity arose for a maternity cover Administrator at Shinfield View, and I seized it despite knowing there would be a steep learning curve. This role was a significant step for me as it involved managing new responsibilities and adapting quickly. I enjoyed this, and when there was an opportunity to support at one of our other Homes, Portobello Place, I thought – why not? It was tough balancing my time between two homes for a period, working two days a week in one and three days in another, plus travelling.

This phase of my life was challenging. At home, I was caring for my two young boys and my mother, who had recently suffered a stroke. This personal experience impacted my outlook on life, teaching me to value life and its smaller joys.

When the position of Group Payroll and HR Administrator was announced, I was intrigued. My experience with payroll was fulfilling, and although the HR aspect was initially daunting due to not being an expert in it, I decided to apply. I believed in embracing opportunities, regardless of the outcome – if I didn’t get the job, then I’d learn from it. This role marked a significant evolution in my career as I transitioned naturally into the role of People Advisor.

I guess throughout my journey with Berkley, I have consistently wanted to learn new skills and take on new challenges, balancing professional growth with personal commitments. This journey reflects my dedication to both my career and my family, and how each experience has shaped my approach to work and life.

What specific opportunities for skill development or additional responsibilities have you encountered during your time at Berkley Care that have played a crucial role in your career advancement?


As I’ve already alluded to, during my time as a Weekend Receptionist, I had the opportunity to develop strong communication, organisational, and customer service skills, which were to become crucial in my role as an Administrator. This position allowed me to learn, develop, and dip my toe into management.

As an Administrator, I took on additional responsibilities overseeing administrative procedures, which improved my problem-solving abilities. This experience was huge in preparing me for my role in Group Payroll and HR Admin.

In this role, I gained in-depth knowledge of payroll, payroll systems, and HR policies, enhancing my analytical and technical skills. This expertise was vital for my evolution into the People Advisor role, where I’m broadening my understanding of employment law, best practices, and how to support different managers with different personalities, aims, and experiences.

How has Berkley Care supported and encouraged your career progression? Are there any mentorship or training programs that have been particularly beneficial for your development within the company?


Berkley Care has been incredibly supportive of my career progression. We have an environment where proactive learning and growth are encouraged. I have benefited from the guidance of the experienced leaders within the company, especially my team, and Laurence, and these mentors have been instrumental in helping me navigate my career path and providing advice on professional development.

From the early stages of my career at Berkley Care, I quickly recognised the company’s strong emphasis on two fundamental aspects: its core values of Trust, Responsibility, and Initiative, and its policy of encouraging internal promotions. This approach has been massive in building my confidence to pursue various roles within the company.

I feel a profound sense of assurance for three key reasons: firstly, there’s a clear understanding that hard work is acknowledged and rewarded at Berkley Care. This recognition of effort and contribution motivates me to consistently deliver my best. Secondly, the company’s commitment to these values creates a sense of psychological safety. This environment assures me that if I were to make a mistake, I could be open about it without fear, thanks to the mutual trust established between myself and Berkley Care. Also, this supportive and progressive environment has been instrumental in my career development, encouraging me to take on new challenges and roles with confidence.

Jordan’s experiences underscore the vital role played by organisations in nurturing and supporting their employees. Berkley Care’s commitment to core values, internal promotions, and a culture of recognition has not only propelled Jordan’s career but has cultivated an environment where professional development thrives. We are very proud of her journey and can’t wait to see what her future brings.