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All-inclusive care

What makes Shinfield View so special? Our stimulating and inspired activities and events, our fabulous staff – all of whom are paid above the living wage – and our all-inclusive offering to our residents and their families. Take a look below at what’s included.

  • Celebrations

    Whatever the occasion, our team is here to make it special. Friends and family are all welcome to join you in our fine-dining room.

  • Trips out

    The Shinfield fleet regularly takes residents out to some fascinating destinations, chosen between our activities manager and our residents.

  • In-house cinema

    Set up for watching whatever you fancy on your own silver screen. From Casablanca to the Wimbledon finals, create your own cinema experiences.

  • Inspired events

    We know how to put on a show at Shinfield View and we are well-known for the mix of talent we have hosted over the years.

  • En-suite bedroom

    With a dedicated phoneline and a smart television, your room is your sanctuary. You are welcome to bring your own furnishings and effects to truly make it your own.

  • Delicious, nutritious meals

    Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can rest assured that the food at Shinfield is always something to savour.

  • Bar-Bistro

    The hub of the home, a great place to read the paper, meet with friends and family and to entertain and be entertained.

  • Chauffeur-driven Car

    For trips out and private journeys, you have access to our rather lovely luxury car.

  • Pampering in the home

    Enjoying luxury ‘every-day’ is an indulgence our residents have earned. From the hair-salon to the varied range of treatments – there’s enough happening to keep even the most inquisitive people busy every day.

  • Laundry service

    It goes without saying that our laundry service is exemplary. Your clothes, laundered and ironed and fragrant, just how you like them.

  • Daily newspapers

    Stay in touch with current affairs with your favourite read, every day.

  • Daily housekeeping

    The home is kept spick and span at all times, and your room will be done to a schedule that suits you.

  • Experiences in the home

    Whether it’s a trip to the cinema, boules on the lawn or nail polish and a soothing head massage – it’s all included.

  • 24-7 health care

    Naturally, residents’ care needs are taken care of for as long as they are staying with us – all day, every day.

  • On-site healthcare professionals

    Healthcare teams trained to the highest standards, at all times.

  • Personal Trainer

    Keeping everyone moving and motivated, these team members are there for everyone to keep spirits up and wellbeing high.

  • Nutrition & diet support

    Access to a dietitian is important so that the team knows what everyone needs, wants and is good for them.

  • GP Practice

    If residents prefer to use their own GP that’s not a problem, but our GP makes regular visits and is a friendly visitor at Shinfield View.

  • Chiropodist, Dentist & Optician visits

    Wider health professionals work with us to ensure that all health needs are met.

Hobbies & Pastimes

We are consistently amazed by and interested in our residents’ skills and abilities. There is so much to be learned by everyone from interacting in something they already enjoy, or something entirely new.

Arts & Crafts

A brilliant way to get the creative juices flowing, it turns out many of our residents are either already great artists or unearth a talent even they didn’t know they had! There is always something interesting and new to try, run by our brilliant activities team.

Games Galore

If it’s summertime, you will usually find a group of boule players on our lovely lawn, possibly a chess set or two and definitely some card decks and so much more. Friendly competition is something residents really enjoy, be it strategy games or light physical activity, it benefits everyone and we’re always on the lookout for something innovative and new.

Outdoor Activities

We designed such a lovely outdoor space for it to be used by everyone. Not only that, but it even extends to the first floor! Some residents enjoy a spot of bowls, or even short tennis, but whether it’s lounging in the summer sun, or watching the carol singers on the front lawn, our outside space is as much a part of life as the inside and it’s there for everyone to enjoy.

Staying healthy and hydrated

We are leaders in serving the best care home food and our brigade of chefs has always been chosen because of their creativity and desire to innovate.

Staying well through eating and drinking is a really important part of what we do at Shinfield View. We believe that the best way to ensure everyone receives the nutrition and hydration is to make everything simply brilliant, and that’s what our chefs do, every day.

Our hotel-stocked bar has everything residents could want in the way of drinks and if there’s something special that we have missed…well of course we’ll go and find some!

Healthcare On-site

Number one priority at Shinfield View is the health and wellbeing of our residents. As well as making sure our care is first-class, we work with the best healthcare professionals too, meaning our residents’ fitness is optimal and in line with their needs, desires and personal choices.

Personal Trainer

Maintaining optimal mobility is important to everyone and underpins their natural feeling of independence. Our own personal trainer, Stephen, is here to help individuals find out what works best for them and produces the best results. Little-and-often planned exercise is integral in the prevention of trips and falls.

Workplace Mental Health First Aider

Mental Wellbeing is so important, and so here at Shinfield View, we have Stephen Orwin as our Mental Health First Aider, who is able to support residents, relatives and staff. Sometimes all someone needs is a little more time to talk.


Chiropody is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of the whole body. Maintaining healthy feet and ankles helps to mitigate against falls by keeping skin healthy, helping balance and strength in the lower legs.

Health and Fitness

Taking care of daily exercise and addressing any small issues early on helps to maintain our overall fitness and health. That is what our personal trainer is here to do!

Researchers agree that by taking regular, suitable exercise, the likelihood of falls and even dementia are reduced. There are so many ways in which we help residents maintain their strength and mobility, we guarantee something for everyone, regardless of previous exercise experience.

Whether it’s some group chair yoga in the morning or some Zumba in the afternoon, our in-house specialist Stephen Orwin is here to help you achieve the best you can be, so that you can greet each day with a smile.

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