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Couple weeks ago, we wholeheartedly supported Dementia Awareness Week at Cedar Mews. As part of our commitment to raising awareness and showing solidarity, we organised various events to engage and support our senior members. One such event involved a hilarious cream pie challenge for our team, which I must admit, the staff seemed to enjoy a little too much! Additionally, we celebrated with a pyjamas day, where both nursery children and staff joined in the fun. We commend the Cedar Mews staff for their dedication in supporting and fundraising for this important cause. With staggering dementia diagnosis rates and individuals facing the challenges of dementia alone, it is crucial to spread awareness and provide access to vital support. #dementiaawareness

Lots of Laughter 

Laughter echoed through the halls of Cedar Mews as our senior team members bravely took part in the pie challenge. The joyous atmosphere filled the air as staff and residents shared light-hearted moments, creating a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only raise awareness about dementia but also showcase the power of laughter and shared experiences in brightening everyone’s day.

Pyjama Day Fun 

In the spirit of solidarity, Cedar Mews embraced a playful pyjama day. Both the nursery children and staff enthusiastically donned their comfiest sleepwear, spreading smiles and warmth throughout the care home. The intergenerational connection between the children and our senior residents brought immense joy and heartwarming interactions. It was a beautiful reminder of the importance of fostering connections across age groups and supporting one another through all stages of life.

A Community United for a Good Cause 

We commend the staff of Cedar Mews for their dedication and commitment to supporting dementia awareness. By organising these engaging events, they not only raised funds but also created opportunities for meaningful discussions and education surrounding dementia. Every contribution, big or small, helps in breaking down the barriers faced by individuals living with dementia, providing them with the support and understanding they deserve.

Shining a Light on Dementia 

Dementia diagnosis rates have staggered, leaving many individuals to face this condition alone, without access to the vital support that a diagnosis can bring. By actively participating in Dementia Awareness Week, Cedar Mews aims to shine a light on the challenges faced by those living with dementia and the importance of early diagnosis and support. Together, we strive to build a more compassionate and inclusive society, ensuring that no one faces dementia alone.

pied in face at care home
pied in face at care home