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Welcome to Fernhill House Care Home, where every day is filled with joy, connection, and enriching experiences for our residents. In this blog post, we’re excited to share the delightful activities that took place at our care home today. From invigorating exercise sessions to a visit to the local garden centre, topped off with a touch of glamour at the hairdressers, our residents had an eventful day. To wrap it all up, we’ll join them as they engage in a friendly game of bingo while enjoying the soothing sound of rain outside. Let’s dive into the details and capture the essence of the thriving community at Fernhill House. 


Exercise Class: Boxercise & Yoga 

What better way to start the day than with an energising exercise class? Our residents kicked off the morning by participating in a lively session that incorporated elements of boxercise and yoga. Led by our experienced fitness instructor, they engaged in movements that not only promoted physical fitness but also enhanced mental agility and overall well-being. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, determination, and a sense of camaraderie as our residents cheered each other on, fostering a supportive and uplifting environment. 


Garden Club Excursion to the Local Garden Centre 

After the invigorating exercise session, our residents embarked on a delightful outing to the nearby garden centre as part of our Garden Club. With the sun shining brightly, they explored the vibrant displays of flowers, plants, and gardening tools. Our residents’ green thumbs were at work as they exchanged gardening tips and chose beautiful blooms to bring back to our care home. The outing also included a mouth-watering lunch at the garden centre’s café, where the residents relished a delicious meal while soaking in the tranquil ambience. 


Glamour and Pampering at the Hairdressers 

At Fernhill House, we believe in embracing and celebrating the unique beauty of each individual. Today, our residents were treated to a dose of pampering and glamour as they visited our on-site hair salon. Our residents had their hair styled and perfected, allowing them to feel their very best. As they were attended to with care and attention, their confidence and self-esteem soared. The conversations flowed, filled with laughter, memories, and the joy of connecting with one another. The experience served as a reminder of the importance of self-care and the transformative power it holds. 


Bingo Time and the Soothing Sound of Rain 

To conclude this remarkable day, our residents gathered for an exhilarating game of bingo. With excitement and anticipation in the air, they eagerly awaited the call of the numbers, marking their cards and sharing in the competitive spirit. Meanwhile, outside, the gentle patter of rain provided a soothing backdrop, adding a touch of cosy ambience to the atmosphere. The camaraderie, laughter, and friendly conversation filled the room, reinforcing the strong bonds that have been formed within our Fernhill House community.