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Leycester House Care Home: Connecting Generations Through Horses


At Leycester House Care Home, we believe in creating meaningful experiences and fostering connections between our residents and the wider community. This afternoon, we had the pleasure of accompanying Mollie, Jenny, and Rene to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Oxhill—a truly unforgettable outing that rekindled cherished memories and sparked new joys.


Mollie and Jenny, who both have a shared passion for horses, used to ride these magnificent creatures when they were younger. Knowing the immense joy that horses brought to their lives, we wanted to create an opportunity for them to relive those moments and indulge in the equine companionship they hold dear. The Redwings Horse Sanctuary, located right on our doorstep, seemed like the perfect place to make this happen.


Upon arriving at the sanctuary, Mollie, Jenny, and Rene were greeted by a tranquil atmosphere, as well as the heart-warming sight of horses and donkeys peacefully grazing in the paddocks. The Redwings Horse Sanctuary is not only a refuge for these beautiful animals but also a fabulous charity dedicated to their welfare. It was heartening to see the incredible work they do, and we felt privileged to support their cause.


Throughout the afternoon, Mollie, Jenny, and Rene had the opportunity to interact with the horses and donkeys, feeding them carrots and gently stroking their velvety noses. The radiant smiles on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes were a testament to the joy they experienced in reconnecting with these majestic creatures. Memories from their youth flooded back, and their enthusiasm was contagious, spreading to the other residents and staff who accompanied them.


The visit to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary exemplified the power of animals to transcend generations and create bonds that span a lifetime. The care and love shown by the sanctuary staff towards the horses resonated deeply with our residents, who understood the importance of providing a safe haven for these animals in need. It was a powerful reminder that compassion knows no bounds and that simple acts of kindness can make a world of difference.


At Leycester House, we constantly strive to create opportunities for our residents to engage with the community and pursue their passions. This visit to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary encapsulated our commitment to providing enriching experiences that foster personal connections and celebrate the diversity of interests within our care home.


As we returned to Leycester House, the conversations were filled with laughter and reminiscing about the delightful afternoon spent at the sanctuary. The visit had not only created lasting memories for Mollie, Jenny, and Rene but had also reinforced the sense of belonging and shared experiences among all the residents and staff.


We are grateful to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary for welcoming us and enabling us to share this special experience with our residents. It is through collaborations like these that we can continue to create a vibrant and inclusive environment for all those who call Leycester House their home.


If you would like to support the Redwings Horse Sanctuary or learn more about their invaluable work, we encourage you to visit their website and discover ways to get involved. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals and continue to forge meaningful connections within our community.

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