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We embarked on an exciting adventure at Portobello Place, setting sail on a delightful boat ride with the #Riverboattrust on the picturesque waters of Henley-on-Thames. Our adventurous bunch of residents came together, ready to embrace the beauty of nature and the joy of exploration. 

The boat gently glided through the tranquil waters, revealing stunning landscapes that unfolded before our eyes. Lush greenery adorned the riverbanks, while the serene atmosphere enveloped us, creating a sense of peace and tranquillity. The residents basked in the beauty of the surrounding scenery, relishing in the opportunity to connect with nature’s wonders. 

Throughout the journey, we were accompanied by Captain Lucy, whose expertise ensured our safety and added an extra layer of reassurance. Her warm smile and friendly demeanour made us feel at ease, transforming the boat ride into an immersive and enjoyable experience. 

As we cruised along, laughter filled the air as stories were shared, and friendships were strengthened. The residents embraced the spirit of adventure, capturing precious moments against the backdrop of Henley-on-Thames. The boat ride became a canvas of memories, a testament to the joy of exploration and the beauty of togetherness. 

We extend our gratitude to the River Boat Trust, for providing us with this remarkable opportunity. 

We also express our heartfelt thanks to Captain Lucy for her attentive care and expert guidance. Her commitment to our safety allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience, free from worries, and with hearts full of gratitude. 

As the boat ride came to an end, we carried with us the beauty of the river’s embrace, the laughter that echoed through the air, and the deep sense of contentment that accompanies shared experiences. The exploration, togetherness, and gratitude come together to create unforgettable moments for our residents here at Portobello Place. 

two women on boat trip
man on boat trip