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In a remarkable achievement, for the first time, Berkley Care Group has been named a “Top Employer” in the highly esteemed 2024’s Top Employers UK list. This honour, awarded by the Top Employers Institute, places Berkley among the elite in employee care and human resource practices, not just in the UK, but across Europe. Across all twelve homes, the group has consistently demonstrated an exemplary approach to employee well-being and professional development.

The Top Employers Institute, a globally recognised certification body, awards this prestigious title after a comprehensive analysis of human resource practices and employee conditions. The certification is a testament to an organisation’s outstanding achievements in various HR criteria, including talent acquisition, work environment, leadership development, compensation, diversity and inclusion, and more. Berkley Care Group’s continuous recognition in this regard places us alongside renowned companies such as Amazon, BMW, and Pfizer, affirming our exceptional workplace standards.

At Berkley, we know the value of going above and beyond standard practice. That’s why we have, for example, collaborated with the Care Workers Charity to provide financial support for staff in need. Grants are offered to support employees facing financial hardships, covering essential expenses such as living costs, utility bills, and rent. Our staff are the beating heart of our organisation and Berkley would not be the same without them.

Comments left by existing and former employees on anonymous review website, Glassdoor, and employment website, Indeed, offer insights into our staff satisfaction. One employee described their decision to join Berkley as the “best decision I have made”. Another said that they are “six years in and loving it”, while others say that they “love working for Berkley” and are “proud to be working for a forward-thinking company”.

Our accreditation as a “Top Employer” for 2024 exemplifies our position as a leader in employee care and development. This recognition underscores the group’s commitment to creating a nurturing and supportive work environment.

As we continue to set new standards in employee care and HR practices, we not only enhance our reputation but also pave the way for a brighter future in the care home industry. These achievements truly show what is possible when an organisation prioritises the well-being and development of its employees.

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