All-Inclusive, luxury care at Cumnor Hill House

A beautiful state-of-the-art care home in Cumnor Hill, Oxford.

Care Suited to Everyone

Cumnor Hill House offers a variety of premium care.

Residential Care, Nursing Care, Dementia Care and Respite Care are all available at our luxury care home in Oxford.

A friendly and welcoming community

We are incredibly proud of Cumnor Hill House’s modern design and excellent facilities, its luxurious bedrooms and attractive furnishings.

Our priority though is to deliver the best care possible, with a focus of the happiness of each and every resident. There are as many personalities in our home as there are residents and tending to each individuals’ desires comes naturally, just as making sure residents receive the necessary care.

Services offered at Cumnor Hill House

Residential Care

Residential care is exactly that – you live in the home as you would do normally, except here, there is always someone on hand to help with things you need doing and whatever your changing needs, you can be assured that you will be looked after with the very best of care and attention to the details important to you.

Nursing Care

We have a team of Registered Nurses which allows us to serve 24-hour care, this offers residents post-operative care, those who have suffered strokes and many other conditions that may inhibit mobility. Cumnor Hill House is able to give end of life care, in our beautiful home while fully supporting family members during this time.

Dementia Care

Our team who look after our ladies and gentlemen in our Dementia Community are able to care in a way that is set around Person Centred Care and promote living well with memory loss. A stimulating environment in a safe homely area within Cumnor Hill House. We are geared towards easing the day-to-day obstacles and include stimulating, interactive spaces, designed to enhance comfort and calm.

Respite Care

Respite Care enables non-residents to enjoy all the benefits of Cumnor Hill House for a short period of time. Perhaps you want to try living in a care home before deciding to move permanently, or you need that extra care following surgery or an accident. Whatever the reason is, you can be assured of the same outstanding care and warm welcome.

Your Care

We provide an environment where our residents can lead a fulfilling life and remain as independent as possible, where their capabilities, desires and individuality are respected and encouraged. We are also able to provide our residents with a weekly GP visit who will spend time to review resident’s medication and health concerns with our clinical team.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House is in sharp focus.

The better people feel, the easier it is for them to go about their daily lives and so the more content they are – everybody benefits. From the stunning menus to the gym and the spa and physio, it’s all part of being a resident at our care home.

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